My Home On The Web

This is the personal playground of Terrell Harris

This is the second incarnation of my website, and I feel a much improved design. It is much simpler, than the last version, which to me felt crowded and rather messy.

On this site, you'll find my My Blog, which at the moment is pretty empty at the moment. Which is in part due to my busy schedule, and also a bit of laziness. You can also read About me, which you might find pretty interesting if you like the banal life of a web developer/programmer, and amateur digital photographer. I have also included My Current Vitae. So if you are looking to hire a web developer that is experienced with ColdFusion, PHP, MySQL/SQL Server, Semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript/DOM, and nearly all things web, then please feel free to give it a look. And last but not least feel free to check out some of my past Work, and if you like it give me some feed back

Thanks for stooping by and I hope you find my site both useful and informative